I've noticed a growing sentiment among many IT professionals that their job is a thankless and stressful never-ending stream of problems.  I beg to differ...

01. I Get Paid to Be a Nerd

What beats being paid to do what you love?

02. Being a Hero

I used to dream of being a wizard/firefighter/superhero, but I’ve come to accept my own limitations.  Sometimes, just as I sit down, like magic, the problem disappears – I’m just that good.

03. The Babes

Every hot girl owns a computer.  Guess who gets to fix them?

04.  New & Exciting

The learning curve in the IT industry never plateaus.  Because the technology changes I have to learn each and everyday.  I read books, get new certifications, and keep up with tech blogs.

05. Business is Dependent on Technology

Computers are an integral part of virtually every business.  It satisfying to know that I'm repairing the world one computer at a time.

06. Being a Teacher

While not everyone wants to learn about computers, Feedwire has made it a priority to work transparently.  It's important for me to know that a client has a basic understanding of the work that I've done.  The teacher learns through teaching, the student through listening, and both are more knowledgeable when it's over.

07. The Clients

Not many people make it a habit of going to offices all over Los Angeles, but I'm one of the lucky ones.  Photographers, producers, directors, PAs, agents, set designers, writers, secretaries, executives, accountants, marketers, and the list goes on and on.  I meet new and incredible people wherever I work.  I care about the people I work for and I care about their businesses.  Each day I try to make their networks run a little smoother, and hopefully make their lives a little easier.

08. Problem Solving Satisfaction

The reason I love fixing computers is the same reason I love math.  After learning some basic tools, I'm presented with a complex problem and given a short time period to find a solution.  I enjoy it every step of the way: The learning, the work, and drinking beer to celebrate my success.

09. One hand washes the other

Cooperation benefits us all.  I've watched a few Italian mafia movies and while I don't want my life to be a crime ridden murdering chaos, I do like the idea of asking one another for favors.  I come from a very close knit group of family and friends and it's important to me to help the people that raised me and made the me person  I am today.

10. Free Food

Need I say more?