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The Rockstars of Computer Consulting

Michael Devin, Rocking Out Michael Devin, Bassologist.

It should go without saying that we at Feedwire are the rockstars of computer consulting. Unfortunately sometimes it doesn't, so we're emailing to mention that yes, we at Feedwire are the rockstars of computer consulting.

If an employee were to seek employment elsewhere, it would have to be for nothing less than a gig as an actual rock star. There would have to be thousands of screaming fans, roadies, tour buses, groupies, and national attention. Anything less would be a step down.

Sure, it isn't likely, but it could happen, and in fact has happened, so we're in the market for a new employee. One of our team, Michael Devin, is taking a sabbatical to go on a national tour playing bass for Slash and Lynch Mob. Seriously.

We're looking for someone smart, motivated, nerdy, handsome, and an all around good fit for our team.  Musical skills are not required, but a plus.  If you know someone who fits the bill, let us know.

And in the meantime, please join us in congratulating Michael on his tour. We expect his time providing top-notch IT support services with Feedwire has prepared him for celebrity.

Feedwire at the Oscars

This is Feedwire's seventh year providing IT support to the Academy Awards. We can't say enough nice things about this show, our colleagues, and the other companies and vendors we get to work with. On the eve of Hollywood's biggest night, we'd like to send a special "Break a Leg!" out to Seligman Entertainment, Sequoia Productions, DuTEL, Joe Lewis Company, The Rockwell Group, Seat Advisor, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and all of the people who make this production possible and such a joy to support. Let's knock 'em dead.

Feedwire's First Hat Trick

At this very moment Feedwire is, for the first time ever, servicing three cities simultaneously. Zach is in Miami, building the data network for the Superbowl XLIV Halftime Show. Chris is in San Francisco, helping Moderati migrate email from in-house Exchange to hosted Exchange. I'm here in LA, handling the rest of our customers while Zach and Chris are away.

This never could have happened without the help and support of our customers, staff, and friends. Your loyalty and appreciation has been amazing over the years. You continue to hire us, you recommend us to your friends, and you invite us into your businesses, homes, and lives. Thank you so much.


Welcome Chris and Michael

Feedwire welcomes two new members to the team. Chris is our new field technician and Michael is our new office manager / apprentice. They both bring personality and buku mojo to the company, along with requisite technical skills. In honor of their musical background we took a band photo.

Feedwire Staff in its Natural Habitat

Daily Candy

Good news! Damien of Feedwire (that's me!) has been nominated by a client and selected by the editors of Daily Candy as a top-eleven finalist in Daily Candy's Get with the Programmer "hot computer nerd" contest. If I win, both my long-time Big Brother compatriot Lindsay and I receive a laptop as a prize. Get your vote out!

Big Brother 10

Filming of season ten of Big Brother commences this week. This is Feedwire's tenth consecutive season as a vendor to the show. Congratulations to the staff and crew of Big Brother. Keep up the good work and let's see ten more seasons.