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Band of Brothers

We're stealing this policy from Bonobos, a company that has absolutely nothing to do with computers or technology. In fact, they make pants. The best pants.

Presenting Feedwire's new Band of Brothers policy:
If you are a public school teacher, a fireman, a public servant, a nurse, or any other profession where you’ve chosen to serve rather than to earn as a first priority, then you may qualify for a Feedwire Band of Brothers discount.

We’d rather live in a society where school social workers earn just as much as commercial lenders, and people who save lives don’t have to work all their lives to save. We don’t love Ayn Rand, but we respect some of her ideas. Essentially, we’d like to make our services a bit more affordable for people that have consciously chosen a career that is less lucrative.

All you need to do to join the Band is to write us a short letter (200-500 words) explaining who you are, what you do, and why you think you qualify. We aim to accept all applications, and we try to respond within 24 hours.