You've probably got unused electronics in your life. You've probably also got too much stuff in your life. Chances are that the trouble of selling your old electronics outweigh the possible profits, or you're not sure about letting that hard drive out into the wild with your information still on it, or you've heard about heavy metals in electronics and you don't want to release them into the environment. Enter California Recycles.

"California Recycles was formed to assist people, non-profits, corporations and municipalities recycle their electronics with ease. They provide convenient, affordable and simple solutions that make it easy to recycle all electronics; de-clutter your environment and prevent the harmful elements contained in electronic waste from contaminating our environment." Bravo, California Recycles. They make it easier for business and individuals to recover wasted office space and improve our relationship with the environment at the same time.

If you've got electronic equipment that you'd like out of your life, Feedwire is happy to help you sort and identify which equipment is recycle-ready, and to verify that none of your business or company information will get into the wrong hands. We can even transport small equipment to the recycling center for you.

California Recycles is having a free equipment collecting event this week on Wednesday April 15 at Whole Foods Santa Monica from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. They have several collection events like this every month at different locations throughout Los Angeles, so check their website for the schedule.

Thanks to Ona for inviting us to this event.