Ethernet Cables

We like to color code our cables by length rather than purpose, because the length of a cable does not change over time, but the same cable can be used for many types of traffic. The thin cables are great for patch panels because they improve visibility and include less packaging, and the thick cables work well for stations because they are more durable.

Length             Color              Thin                                 Thick                                
1' Orange Buy on Monoprice Buy on Monoprice
2' Pink (Red) Buy on Monoprice Buy on Monoprice
3' Green Buy on Monoprice Buy on Monoprice
5' Purple Buy on Monoprice Buy on Monoprice
7' White Buy on Monoprice Buy on Monoprice
10' Yellow Buy on Monoprice Buy on Monoprice
14' Gray Buy on Monoprice Buy on Monoprice
25' Black N/A Buy on Monoprice
50' Blue N/A Buy on Monoprice

Computer Specs

We can get specific with models and builds, but in general, here is what we recommend for a general use computer.

Component           Spec
Processor i5 or better
RAM 16 GB or more
Storage 500 GB or larger SSD or 2 TB or larger Fusion Drive
Display High PPI (Retina)
Graphics Dedicated
OS macOS or Windows Pro (not Home)

Network Equipment

Cisco Meraki is one of our favorite brands of network hardware. It provides a good balance of performance and security, and incredible visibility. They are so jazzed about their product line, they give a single instance of every type of device away for free to any company that attends their free online webinar. For 3 hours of very light attention, you can take home a free Meraki firewall, switch, and wireless access point. If you need a new network and you are not in a rush, register and attend their Cloud Managed Security Appliances, Cloud Managed Switches, and Cloud Managed WiFi webinars here.

Internet Connectivity

Like most things, there are various grades of service for internet connectivity. This is a brief chart comparing different types of service and different performance metrics. Bandwidth, like the horsepower of a car, is an easy-to-market metric. Also like the horsepower of a car, it should not be the only consideration when choosing an internet connectivity solution. If horsepower was the only important factor, we would see more Dodge Charger Hellcats on the road and fewer BMWs.

Type                      Bandwidth            Guaranteed       Symmetrical       SLA       Latency       Jitter           Install Time       Typical Contract      
DIA Fiber 10Mb - 10Gb Y Y Y Low Low 90 Days 1-3 years
Fixed Wireless 10Mb - 1Gb Y Y Y Low Low 14 Days 1-3 years
Metro Fiber 10Mb - 1Gb N Y N Low Medium 30 Days Month to Month
EOC 5Mb - 50Mb Y Y Y Medium Low 30 Days 1-3 Years
Coax 50Mb - 300Mb N N N High High 14 Days Month to Month
DSL 5Mb - 50 Mb N N N High High 14 Days Month to Month