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“Chris was excellent at juggling a large and complex networking project. He was adaptable, forward thinking and I did not receive a single complaint about the infrastructure during the week of the event!” - Angel Serra



Andy Petranek

"Eliav - Excellent. Fast. Wizardry in action!"

Story Monster

"Fast response times, terrific service from great professionals."

Marc Dube

"Been a client for many years. Chris Cotopolis has been great for us."

Adriana Abrego

"Very knowledgeable, friendly and quick to respond to an issue."


"great service ;)"

Conrad Ricketts

Twenty four hours after a website builder crashed my email account I called Damien and in 10 minutes I was back up. He did in 10 minutes what they couldn’t do in 24 hours. In a world where you are interconnected to dozens of servers and routers you need someone with the 10,000 foot view.

Christopher Zyda

I’m sure that you probably know this already, but your associate Chris does an awesome job.  With the whole Lion upgrade, my company and also my home have had a number of IT issues and Chris has been fantastic about handling and addressing them for me.  You have a real star in Chris.

And, I want to add that after doing business with your firm this past year I am really happy about my IT infrastructure.  It’s so much better and more stable than what I had before I used Feedwire.

So thanks, and keep up the great work.

Scott Storey

Thank you so much for taking care of my laptop. You really have no idea what a comfort it is to know that I can just drop a box into an empty office and someone as wonderful as you (and everyone on your team) will just “take care of it.” I have a flight tomorrow early, and the new machine is up and running and perfect. You are an amazing fellow and offer an amazing service.  I can’t imagine what hell my world would be without you and Feedwire.

Rebecca Watts

Thanks so much for your help this past Sunday. I was in a terrible bind and you came to the rescue! Receiving calls from clients on Sundays sucks, I know, and I very much appreciate you making yourself available to us.

Doug Murray

Thanks very much for all! Excellent customer service in pre-production, and even better on location services! One area in the show I never worried about :-)

(Written following EA's E3 Press Event)

Dave Barnett

For all things technical, my first call, IM, or e-mail is to Damien Clark and his company Feedwire. His knowledge is vast, his explanations concise, and he is easy to get a hold of even with the strange hours that we keep in television. I highly recommend him for any small company looking to get a hassle free IT infrastructure in place. In fact, that is the words I would use to describe Feedwire - hassle free. They are able to really take all the guess work out of IT infrastructure, they are able to fix problems very quickly and make sure to always be accessible, so we never are left alone with an emergency.

Dave Barnett
Coordinating Producer
Big Brother

Scott Storey

I am Scott Storey, a Production Designer who works primarily in the variety/reality side of television. I have a small design studio in my Venice house with 4 work stations. Design work depends heavily on computers and complicated software. Damien has built a smooth network, dependable back up systems and works space that can accommodate artists (not technicians). His attitude is fantastic and I totally trust him. and his tee-shirts are pretty smooth as well.

Scott Storey
Production Designer

Jeff Probst

Damien has been my go-to "computer guy" for many years now. He has helped me through many a computer jam. Most recently I was on location shooting Survivor and my entire computer went down. I lost everything. Fortunately Damien had created an excellent back up system for me that I left behind for safe keeping in Los Angeles. Damien got me a new computer, re-installed everything I needed and got it sent out to me on location. I barely missed a beat. Damien and his entire team are reliable and trustworthy. I recommend him highly.

Jeff Probst
Producer Host