Mailtrust Email Hosting. We have raved about Mailtrust before and host all of our personal and business domains on their servers. We love Mailtrust so much that we resell their service to our customers and even own stock in the company (RAX). Mailtrust slashed its retail prices this month to $1 / 10 GB Mailbox / Month. For our customers, that's $0.70 / Month. Why is it cheaper for our customers? Because we do not mark-up.

It is common practice for service providers and consultants to become resellers of other services or products. These services and products are marked-up to their clients and the consultants pocket the difference. We could do that, we'd make some money at it, but we choose not to. In fact, we believe this behavior borders on the unethical. We are paid for our time, expertise, and advice. If our advice includes recommending the purchase of a service or product from which we will gain financially, it is difficult for us to be unbiased. So we do not mark-up.

Why become a reseller if we do not make a profit at it? That is simple. We like to make our clients happy. We have noticed that paying less money for the same service or product tends to make our clients happy. This policy extends to all of our reseller and partner agreements, and even to the simple act of purchasing retail equipment for reimbursement. We do not mark-up. So smile, because Mailtrust email just got cheaper for everyone, and even cheaper for you if you're a Feedwire client.